Our Story

Initially as a specialty dessert at Chef Donovan’s restaurant this delicious chocolate brownie recipe soon gained a life of it’s own establishing the basis for the company’s creation. In 2010 Fat Molly’s brownies was officially born with the purpose of bringing to San Diegans a truly fulfilling brownie eating experience. Our brownies are the offspring of a North American tradition that dates back to the end of the 19th century, aware as we are of the responsibility of that inheritance, we pride ourselves in using the best and freshest ingredients in order to fuse the old with the new to the best of our ability. Our vision is that of a world where all the brownies look like brownies, feel like brownies and taste like brownies. We are genuinely convinced that we are succeeding at it even if in our own microcosm for now, but our true incentive is the enthusiasm and loyalty that chocolate brownie loving people are showing us. We are committed to apply rigorous business ethics, and parallel to our growth we vouch to encourage and contribute to the community’s own growth and development.