These are retail locations where you can find

Fat Molly’s Brownies

Brown Cup Cafe & Lounge (Oceanside)

Cafe 976 Felspar (Pacific Beach)

Cafe Cabaret (Adams Ave.)

Cardiff Seaside Market (Cardiff)

Chris’ Liquor and Deli (Ocean Beach)

Clem’s Bottle House and Deli (Adams Ave.)

Clem’s Tap House (Adams Ave.)

Coronado Coffee Co. (Coronado)

Crocevia Coffee Co. Downtown (First St. Downtown)

Heidi’s Liquor & Grill (Pacific Beach)

Jaroco Market (Golden Hills)

Jensen’s (Point Loma)

Lazy Hummingbird (Ocean Beach)

Marriott Liberty Station (Liberty Station)

UCSD Sunshine Market (Campus of UCSD)