Retailers who wish to sell Fat Molly’s Brownies please contact our sales department for prices. Contact us to place your wholesale order at (619) 794-0141

Each brownie is wrapped, weighs 4 oz., and measures 2  1/2  X  3  3/8 inches. Five Chocolate, Pecan & Caramel and Peanut Butter are sold in display boxes of 12 brownies. You can mix and match as needed. We also sell in half sheet size which is equal to 25 of our 4 oz brownies. 1/2 Sheet size is 17″ x 12″. They come in heavy duty bakery box, each 1/2 sheet individually wrapped, on a cake pad. Minimum order is three (3) 1/2 sheets with free delivery. Our product can be froze and taste as it was baked that day when defrosted. Shelf life is 45 days unrefrigerated.

How to Order:
Call us at (619) 794-0141 or send us an e-mail to with your order. Tell us which flavors you would like and how many boxes you want of each. We accept payment on delivery.